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The Inner Circle.  Now with slightly less iron :D

2:27 PM; Tuesday; 9/6/06- Athrun
WOW. An update finally in almost 1 1/2 years! No, the site isn't coming back.
Updated the follow review:
 -Card 84: Gadgets PLUS Stronghold
I'm just bored, that's all. I am however suprised that the site still exists.
9:22 PM; Thursday; 4/21/05- Zero
Kane will now be your president.  I will leave the site to him.
This is for personal reasons, and it's my turn to take my mind off of any other obligations besides my life as of now.
4:11 PM; Tuesday; 4/12/05- Athrun
First update in 2 months...Blame SATs for draining my energy.
Added 2 card reviews:
 -Card 87: Antique Gear Golem
 -Card 88: Reshef of Destruction
2:40 PM; Thursday; 2/24/05- Zero
New Update in the News/Events page.  This WILL change how you duel for a long long time...
2:30 PM; Wednesday; 2/23/05- Zero
Update!  The Frank and Sons trip is THIS WEEKEND, Saturday 26.
Our current funds are in the Members Page.  Currently, we only have $18 20/1.00 and thats just plain not enough for a booster box share.  If you really really want some boosters, donate abit.  Points will be given to donators and credit will be given.  Also, again, talk to me if you wanna join in on the F&S trip.
3:04 PM; Tuesday; 2/22/05- Zero
Our president has die.  Someone killed him............. ok, no, that was far from the truth.  For personal reasons, our president of the Inner Circle has passed his authority to me and temporarily quit from the Inner Circle.
These are the things that has changed:
-Points: When Kane left, he asked to distribute all his points to each member with point counters.  Unfortunatly, when divided, everyone got 709 points... so don't ask me why your points look all odd and weird.
-President: I am now your president.  Yes, the world has ended.
-Vice President: Since I can no longer serve as a Vice President, I have appointed Ark to be the VP.  He doesnt really do anything online, but he is the best option to be second in command.
-Treasurer: Since Kane was both President and Treasurer, I have been declared as the Treasurer as well.  If anyone would like to donate money to the Inner Circle (for card box purchases and tournament events) then give them to me.  I am not a greedy person who would steal your money, so you can trust me with your money 100%.
Thats all.  All other updates will be posted.
4:18 PM; Tuesday; 2/22/2005- Zero
Ok, Please check the News and Updates page for it has been updated.  kthxbye.

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